12/22/21 Jesus showed us how to Be the Tree


When you can be the tree, it is extremely relieving and healing for the other person.. But also extremely difficult to do. It takes great soul strength to stand there and not take it in, but to allow it to flow through you.

I witnessed this with someone who when I was asleep with my mind, I hurt them deeply. He would rant and rage at me. Calling me names. Telling me what a horrible person I was. Initially I ran from this. I would run and shut down. I was in my own pain and I didn’t know how to handle my own much less his. Then one day during a client session, I saw the benefits of someone in pain being and feeling seen and heard.

The person who I hurt, started in on a rant and I just sat with him. I sat there and stayed present with him as he said everything he wanted and felt he needed to say. It lasted about 5 minutes but seemed like an eternity. He finally got it all out and I told him that I was really sorry for everything. I hugged him and then left. 

He later sent me a text that sounded more like his normal self. He said, “I don’t know why you just sat there and let me say all that to you, but thank you for doing that. I feel so much better.” Yes it was extremely difficult for my mind, my ego to stay out of the way...to ignore that voice that says you are wrong and I am right. However the powerful healing that came from allowing it to flow through me to God was undeniable.

Allow it to flow through you. Stand there as the tree with no mind. Don’t listen to the voice of Old Pain. The voice will be saying things like:

  • That's not fair
  • They are attacking you
  • Put them in their place
  • Make them see your point
  • Argue and fight back
  • Defend yourself and your perspective
  • Get away from them
  • Stop talking to them

They will jab. Make passive aggressive comments. Bait you. Try to pick at your old pain. Stand there. Be the tree. Old Pain wants to engage with itself through another mind. That is how the fear grows. That is how the pain grows. Don’t engage. 

If you can stand there and see their voice of pain flow through you and into the ground or up to the heavens for transmuting, a healing will take place for them, for you, for everyone who has ever experienced that type of pain in the past. When you can hold space in the face of another's intense fear, love surrounds that fear. Once they’ve said it all and the voice of pain has had it’s say.. Has emptied totally into you..if you let it flow through and out, they will then be able to hear the voice of God. 

One mistake we make is trying to reason with and help their mind understand things by using our mind. We also start doing it before they are empty of the pain. This is a form of engaging with the pain. This is not being the tree. This is a mistake I make. I want to explain, reason, help them see my perspective, defend my perspective.. And it never works. It only feeds the fear and makes the situation worse. All a person wants to hear from you when they are in fear and pain is “You’re right and I’m sorry.” That response says the voice of their old pain. The consciousness standing behind the voice of old pain listening to everything knows that the voice isn’t right. It can see that you are trying to calm the voice down..and are showing love and compassion. No part of their true self actually believes they are 100% right about everything they are saying as old pain is talking through them. They know this, but old pain is so strong they can’t tell you that yet. 

The story of Jesus was the perfect example of soul strength.. Jesus knew how to be the tree. He even stood still as the tree and didn’t fight back even when it turned physical. The bible says he took on the pain (sin-misaligment) of the whole world. He was showing us how to be healers. 

Jesus triggered Old Pain by challenging people’s belief systems, the lies they believed in. Jesus came to expose the fears and the lies that caused suffering. He opened himself up to attack, which is what made him a conduit for healing.

Anytime we are awake, aligned and operating in the dream and with the dream from that space of truth and consciousness, we will challenge the belief systems and the lies they believe of those around us. This causes their Old Pain, their misunderstandings, their mistruths, their misalignment, their fear to be triggered within them. 

They will want to attack you and blame you for their pain, when really their pain is coming from within them and has nothing to do with you. It was planted there long ago, way before you.

Here comes the tricky part..the part where you have an opportunity from your awakened state to act as a healing conduit. They will stand before you with all of their pain coming up out of them which is a necessary part of the healing process. They are purging the poison of the lies that cause separation from their alignment and suffering. They are purging fear. They will stand before you, and pour all of their pain out on you. 

Now this is the part where you stand still and be the tree. Allow them to pour it all out (take it all out) on you and you allow it to flow through you into the ground or into the heavens for transmuting. The energy will then change from fear and return to love. This takes tremendous soul strength to be the tree because we too are attached to a voice of Old Pain. The more clear you get of your own Old Pain, the easier this will be for you to do. 

I’m of course not suggesting you allow another to harm you in any way.. Emotionally, mentally, or physically..I’m just saying we all abuse each other to some degree with our words, our actions and our behaviors when we are possessed by Old Pain. If you are awake and at peace and walking through the physical dream you call your everyday life in this way, the pain in others will be triggered. It just will. You didn’t cause the pain, you caused the enlightenment of the pain. You are a light walking around in the dark. The fear and lies in others will be illuminated by the presence within you. They will blame you for their pain. They will attack you. You will be the one in the wrong. The voice of Old Pain will tell them you are the cause. 

Don’t argue. Don’t engage. Be the tree. Be the light. Hold still. Then God or alignment will take over and do the rest.

Once you are soul strong, you become a healing conduit to everyone around you. This is the mission. 

Listen to the following Pain Medication Meditation to help you learn the spiritual practice of "Be the Tree"

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