1/26/22 3 Visuals of the In-between

This morning I wanted to invite you to go with me to the in-between space. If you are able to break free from your mind and visit this space with me, even briefly, you will grow stronger and more grounded in your soul awareness.

In this meditation I give you 3 visuals to help connect you to the space that is free of the mind and connected to your alignment and your soul awareness.

The more often you visit and sit in this space, the more emotional stability you will feel and the more choice you will have over your behaviors and reactions to life and those you live life with.



I can see the physical body and the spiritual body work together to maintain the awakened state. I’ve been in bed with a fever for the past 3 days and my physical body has been using all of it’s energy to fight off illness. That left the spirit on it’s own to deal with the mind. Wow, was it intense. The mind was doing anything and everything to overwhelm, terrorize, attack, and scare me. 

It was as if it saw my physical weakness as a window of opportunity to regain control. If I could put a visual to what I was experiencing, it was like being attacked by a thousand birds all at once. Numerous thoughts of fear all happening at one time. It was intense but today I am physically much better and the attack has stopped. I made sure to connect and ground to the in-between in a meditation which I recorded.

Another thing I am noticing recently. As I am working on caring less and less about the outer world and trying to play the game and control it or be somebody to it or in it, I am feeling the urge to shrink or simplify my belongings. Meaning, I want to have less around me that needs cleaned, maintained, or cared for. 

My physical existence is shrinking and my spiritual existence is expanding. It is difficult to explain what I mean by that, but I can see it in my mind. It looks like a vortex of energy. The point of the funnel is barely touching the physical and I don’t need much to survive here while the bigger part of my energy is large and expanded like the top of a funnel cloud that is connected to an even bigger cloud. 

I feel more of myself in the expanded space than I do the physical space. I do know that I am still in a physical body, living in a physical experience, but it is causing me to crave simplicity and minimal things. When the bigger part of me was in the physical with my mind, excessiveness was created. So much stuff. So many clothes, shoes, things, stuff, junk. My mind caused that.

I now have the task of undoing all of the physical baggage my mind created out of whatever craziness it was doing at the time. So much craziness. I needed this and that. More more more. It’s like I just woke up and realized what my mind had me do while I was asleep. What a mess it made. It made a mess of my home, of my relationships, of my finances, of my business. A big fat mess. Now I’m awake and it's time to begin the “after crazy” clean up.

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