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Sometimes you are just ready to move into something new and start fresh. You may be thinking if I could move away from this mind of mine and all of its problem making and emotional upset and get some peace for once and actually be able to relax ...I would do it in a heartbeat.

Well that is exactly what we are doing here. I am offering you the key to unlock every room.. giving you access to every tool I have to help you.. not to move away from your mind.. but to remodel the mind you have.

Can it be done? Yes.. absolutely. It will work for you if you work for it.

You know with any remodel, it doesn't look pretty at first. Actually, just the opposite. It looks like a disaster area and every part of your life can feel turned upside down, uncomfortable and inconvenient.

It's the same when working on your mind. It's not very pretty and it doesn't always feel very good, but what you get to live with on the other side of all that sweat and tears (and there will actually be sweat and tears happening), is a tidy and relaxed mind.

By gaining access to every tool available, you will have plenty of content, videos, meditations, worksheets, all helping you get to know your mind and it's needs in a way you never have before. Once you know those needs, you can then learn to meet them.

I'm excited for you to experience what's on the other side of this amazing "re- mind-el"!!!


Your Instructor

Angie Johnsey
Angie Johnsey
Angie Johnsey, R.N.,C.H., is the Founder and Writer at the Tidy Mind School. Angie is a writer for Today's Shows One Small Thing, Maria Shrivers Sunday Paper, and creator of Tidy Mind Process as seen on the Today Show. She is a personal coach to celebrities as well as everyday beautiful people.
Angie has worked for the past 15 years developing practical tools for her clients to use to not only cope with everyday life, but to change it. Her professional background as a Registered Nurse working with mental illness for 8 years gives her a broad range of knowledge regarding the mind and recovering from the mental illness it can create.
Angie has been working health and wellness retreats all over the world from California, to Italy, to Bali, just to name a few. She works with the health and wellness team as the mind expert, assisting retreat participants to understand themselves and their minds on the deepest level.
Angie approaches writing all masterclass content from a stand point of creating a practical tool that is easy to understand in the moment you are experiencing a life challenge. She desires to empower and equip her clients with the understanding as well as mental strength to take on any life challenge with ease and grace. She assist her clients to master their minds and reconnect to their own true power.
To personally know Angie, you would soon see her enthusiasm and passion for “getting it right”.
“Sometimes I feel I am like a scientist in a lab trying to come up with just the right formula… just the right creation to help every mind stay relaxed and focused so it can be used in the powerful way it is meant to be used instead of it creating emotional pain and suffering”.
Her heart goes out to any and all people experiencing a painful life experience and knows it can be changed with providing people the right tools…tools they can actually understand how to use and apply to their daily life.
Angie’s personal goal is to live a life from the heart and to assist anyone and everyone who wants to live there with her, to help their minds surrender, relax, and trust in the power of the heart once again.

Course Curriculum

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Taking Inventory of Your Life Categories
Defining Where You Are and Where You Are Going
Angie Johnsey
Getting to Know the Child Inside
Learning the Needs of Your Mind
Angie Johnsey
Retreat & Recover
Learn How to Recover from Stress & How to Avoid Creating It
Angie Johnsey
Helping the Caretaker Heal and Mature
Learn to Care for the Caretaker of the Child Mind
Angie Johnsey
Moving from Fear to Love
Learning to live in alignment.
Angie Johnsey
Pace Yourself and Find Your Magic
Learn How to Team Up with Your Mind
Angie Johnsey
Learn Creative Wild Streaming and Flexibility
Time to Build Mindset & Momentum
Angie Johnsey
Shaking Off the Last of What Holds You Back
You're in the home stretch.. Keep Going!
Angie Johnsey
Chose a Direction, Get organized, and Go
We've Planned, Now it's Time to Take Action
Angie Johnsey
Tidy and Relax your Mind
How to Care For and Meet the Needs of Your Mind.
Angie Johnsey
Mental Reboot
3 Minutes a Day to Reboot Your Mind
Angie Johnsey
Nurturing Self Confidence
Healing, Rebuilding, Growing & Finding Balance with Your Self Confidence
Angie Johnsey
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Angie Johnsey

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