DAY ONE- Press pause and rescue yourself from the chaos. 

Could everything just stop or slow down for a second so I can catch a breath!!

I can't seem to catch a break!

I have a friend who can always tell when I have allowed overwhelm to creep back into my life.

He will say to me, "I know everything just seems like too much right now."

For some reason, that statement always brings me the most comfort.

Knowing that someone sees my struggle, understands, and shows compassion helps me relax.

So right now, I want to say to you, "I know everything just seems like too much right now."

I know you may not know what to do, how to resolve a situation, or how to get relief, but we are here together now.

Over the next 5 days, we are going to work together to help you relax your physical body, rest your mind for a minute, let go and surrender to the fact you don't know how to handle everything that is happening right now.

Life feels super hard.

Let's make it more simple so life can be more calm, more enjoyable, easier.

Does that sound good?

Ok. Let's get started.

  1. Stop what you are doing, thinking, trying, planning, etc.. and shift your focus to one of relief and relaxation. Let it all go. Easy to say.. harder to do. Over the next 3 days, your recovery is our priority. Your physical, emotional, and mental well-being needs this..its time for some self care.
  2. Today I would like your mind to focus on EASE. In everything you do, I want you to think, I will go easy on myself right now. I will do this the easiest way possible. I will focus on making every task easy on me. I will slow down and do everything with ease. I will wear clothes that feel easy. I will eat food that feels easy on my body. I will look at things that bring me ease. I will listen to music or audio that brings in ease.
  3. Listen to your 5 Minute Meditation to Press Pause and Relax.

This first step maybe the most challenging for most of you, but you will need to slow the momentum of the overwhelm and begin to recover by pressing pause on life for the next 3 days.

You will need this time to recover from the negative effects the overwhelm has created in your body, mind, spirit, and life.

Things Calm People with Simple Lives Know:

How does overwhelm affect us? 

Overwhelm creates stress and tension in our physical bodies. 

It creates mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. 

Emotionally, the pressure the mind creates to solve, do, or fix the problems it is focused on, creates fear, shame, and guilt. 

The mind exhausts itself trying to alleviate the pressure that it created and therefore stresses the physical body.

How does the mind create overwhelm?

Think of the small snow ball that begins rolling down hill, growing bigger and building momentum as it rolls faster and faster and faster, eventually becoming a super large uncontrollable, unstoppable, destructive force to anything in it’s path. 

Our mind does the same. You have a thought about something that feels like a problem. Since our minds are programmed to find and solve problems, it zeros it’s focus in on thinking about the problem. 

When you are overwhelmed your minds favourite go to line is 

“You should be doing MORE”…the snowball forms... 

”You are not doing enough!”…snowball is growing...

”You have to fix this!!”…the snowball is picking up speed... 

“You are running out of time”...the snowball is out of control. 

The reality is, you should be doing less. 

The MORE is what created the overwhelm in the first place. 

We all need more “LESS” in our lives. 

Less stuff, less thinking, less responsibilities, less doing, less stress. 

Complete and Continue