Beginning to Separate from Your Mind

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Keep your mind clear and TIDY by knowing your mess maker- DJ JUDGE/the mind


One of the best tricks for separating from DJ Judge is to change your language.

As long as you continue to identify with the mind by thinking it is YOU, you are powerless to change your inner state. Whenever your DJ Judge or your mind says, I feel, I think, I say, I am this, I am that.. you will change the language to.. DJ says, feels, thinks, is this, is that, etc.

By separating you will put yourself in a space of relief from the emotional pain that is being created and now have the power to work with the mind.

Separating from the mind is step one.

Understanding the mind is step two.

Loving and comforting the mind is step three.

You will be repeating this process as often as needed until the mind begins to unwind, calm, relax, and develop healthier habits.


Sit today and take inventory of your TIDY MIND HOUSE. 

  1. What state is your house in?
  2. Does it feel confusing, overwhelming, or messy?
  3. If you close your eyes, can you see DJ Judge running around in there?
  4. What is he/she doing?
  5. What emotional feeling is blowing through your house most often right now and why?
  6. What audio or thoughts are being broadcast inside your house?
  7. What are your hopes for your TIDY MIND HOUSE?
  8. What are your hopes for the DJ running around inside the house?
  9. What type of emotions would you like to have blowing through your house?

Take a moment and imagine that you are opening every window in your TIDY MIND HOUSE. Make a commitment to yourself and to DJ that over the next 30 days.. you will do everything you can, to make this house a better place to live...a safe space..a beautiful space...a comfortable space.


Make room for JOY by TIDYING UP and cleaning out the emotional clutter.


Grab a journal or notebook that you will use for the next 30 days and entitle it BOXES OF FEELINGS.

We will be IDENTIFYING, SORTING, UNPACKING, AND RELEASING stored emotions or stored fear.

The result is a feeling of lightness and increased feelings of relief in the physical body.


Appreciate your TIDYING WORK by noticing the moments of relief, contentment, and enjoyment.

We are just getting started so you may not have any moments of relief or enjoyment to notice just yet.

We will be created a habit over the next 30 days of noticing and appreciating those moments as they come.

At first you may notice them but your mind will not allow you to enjoy them because it is not relaxed enough yet.

It is still holding on to too much fear. However by the end of the 30 days, you should be able to find joy in the simplest of moments.


Have a brief conversation with DJ Judge and let it know that you know it is afraid and that is why it won't allow you to feel relaxation or relief or enjoy things.. and that it's ok. You are going to help it to release it's fear so it can relax and rest. Optional, find a toy or small figure that can represent DJ Judge and place it someplace in your house where you will see it often.

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