Are You Stuck in the Pain of Rejection

Empaths. Are You Stuck in the Pain of Rejection?

When a mind has the belief that it must be or has to be, wanted, liked, or loved by someone or everyone, it struggles greatly when a person does not receive them in this way.

It then may begin obsessing over this person and analyzing and processing why they don't accept them or like them or love them. How can this be? I thought I was supposed to be loved and wanted by everyone?

Your mind may spend so much time "over thinking" about this person that it then confuses this behavior with being in love with the person.

What is really happening, is your mind is struggling with feeling rejected. It may then begin seeing this as a challenge to get this person to accept them or love them.

The mind that needs to do the accepting is your own. Your mind will need to accept the truth that it is safe and perfectly ok even if another person chooses not to interact with them or want them or love them. The truth is that not everyone will want you or like you or love you and this is ok. This is not personal.

You will have to help your mind let this "have to have" or need to control another's feelings about you go.

Here is a supportive inner dialogue for you.

"The truth is I am safe and ok even if another person doesn't see me how I see me. I am safe and ok even if they shut me out and won't talk to me. I don't' like it, but I'm still ok. I am safe and ok even if they won't give me love or attention. I don't have to try for real love and attention. Real love and attention is freely and happily given. Healthy love is freely given. I want healthy love. Mind I know you want "their" love but you are beginning to understand more and more each day that you are ok without it. They don't want to give it to you and they don't have to. It isn't personal. We must not personalize it. We must make our peace with it. I dissolve the fear of rejection within me. I release the person to freely choose if they like me, love me, or want me. It's up to them. I can't control it and I don't want to control it. I release them into the freedom of choice. I release myself to let this need to control how they think and feel about me."

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