Pain in results in pain out.

Yelling, cursing, and screaming are explosive forms of communication and is a sign of being in an imbalanced, toxic relationship with self and or others. The explosive energy is coming from an emotional body full of toxic, unsupportive thoughts, words, and beliefs.

A person who is being mentally and emotionally abused by words either by their partners negative, unsupportive dialogue, or by the negative, unsupportive dialogue going on in their own head, will eventually explode this toxic energy out.

In other words abusive words in result in abusive words out.

If your own mind is abusing you with negative internal dialogue, begin to break that habit by catching it in the act and stating 3 positive supportive things to yourself about yourself. Mental control or mastery is the foundation to a healthy relationship with self and others.

If the abuse is coming from another person's mind, visualise a closed door in your mind and do not open it by believing or entertaining those negative, abusive, or critical words. Let them fall dead outside the door.

If you open the door by giving those words importance or influence, the words enter your emotional body and cause a disturbance. Remember, what goes in, will come out. That toxic energy if allowed in, will come out either onto yourself or onto someone else.

Then adopt the zero pain tolerance policy for repeat offenders. Even if they “don’t mean to” or apologize, they are still out of balance and need to take responsibility for their own mental mastery as you are. Begin to distance yourself and keep your mental door shut and locked when around them.

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