May 10 - May 16

Hello Beautiful High Vibe Tribe Members!!

This week spirit has really been driving home and pointing out all the "over" behaviors that we empaths fall into.

Over giving, Over explaining, Over defending, Over caring, Over personalizing, Over Processing, Over get the idea.

Our idea of relationship balance leans towards the idea that if the other person isn't holding the balance or meeting us halfway, then we will make up where they are lacking with all of our "Over" behavior or try to pull them into balance with our words. It's ok and healthy to communicate what you feel is lacking in a relationship, but not over and over again with no significant effort or change in behavior within the other person.

It's becoming clear to me that spirit sees this as not only enabling, but also meddling. We are interfering in spirits relationship and plan with this person. 

We must learn to get out of spirits way and when we feel tempted to try to make up for the other persons deficit or try to force them into balance we must stop ourselves and declare, "Spirit, I give this person to you. I can't make them _____________. I promise to do my best to stay out of your relationship with them. I fully accept where they are. I will now turn my attention to my own balance within myself and maybe, just maybe..enjoy myself for a change!"

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Meeting you in the middle,



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