Self Forgiveness prevents self sabotage.

When we hold on to the pain of our past behaviors and past actions, we set ourselves up to repeat that pattern of behavior. This is known as self sabotage.

When we entertain negative thoughts about ourselves, we are inserting or keeping negative energy in our emotional tank.

Whatever you feed or allow to reside in your emotional tank, determines your behaviors and shapes your life experience.

Put negative thoughts about yourself in and get negative behaviors out. Put positive thoughts about yourself in and get positive behaviors out.

Remember pain in results in pain out. Health in results in health out.

"But I don't know how to forgive myself!" you might say.

Realize holding onto this pain puts you in danger of repeating the behavior you have such pain and shame around and that's the last thing you want to do.

The pain and shame is not protecting or preventing you from doing it again. It's holding you in that unhealthy pattern.

Shaming yourself never changes a behavior. Punishing yourself never changes a behavior. Acceptance and letting go changes behaviors.

Fear is not the answer here. Love through acceptance is.

Yes I did that. I accept that I did that. I wish I hadn't done that with everything in me. However, I did do that, I accept I did that. I feel and accept the pain in me from doing that. I sit with and embrace that pain and shame. Now I will dissolve it into dust and let it go.

I move away from this pain in order to protect myself and those I love. They deserve that. I deserve that.

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