May 24-June 6

Hello Empaths!!

I missed you all last week, but was able to do some self reflection on where I may be out of balance in my work world.

Taking a step back, reassessing, reevaluating periodically, or for me, every 4th week of the month, is helpful to keep my energy in balance.

What was revealed to me during last weeks review period was that I am still "chasing". I am using my work to chase safety, to chase an outcome. That needs to change.

When we chase anything, we cause the thing we are chasing to be in a runner role. We push it away with our energy or force, desperation, and fear.

So, I'm going to stick to my current production schedule. I will put out whatever spirit sends through. Then I will leave it. Instead of sitting in front of the computer all day in my more more more mentality, I will do my creating and sharing in the morning until 12 and then I will use the afternoon to focus on exercise and my physical world.

Are you chasing anything out of fear? If so, how can you relax your energy and pull back?

We can chase all kinds of things. People, money, status, approval, love, even spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Give those things space to come to you naturally by pulling your energy back.

Here is your catalog of last week's readings. See if you can find one that resonates with you and allow spirit to bring you back into health and balance.

Giving you space to come to your own healing in your own time.


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