Clarity & Discernment are born from indifference.

Clarity. The ability to see the truth of a situation.

Discernment. The ability to feel the truth of a situation.

Indifference. Being unbothered, unprovoked or unconcerned mentally or emotionally by what you see or hear. Staying in a neutral space and returning immediately to your path with no lingering thoughts or emotional disturbance.

Indifference is an empowering space of mental and emotional stability where you are able to see and feel the truth of a situation and act accordingly.

When you have stored emotional pain, indifference is not possible. You will be easily provoked and unable to stay in your peace. You are now the perfect target for narcissist who feed off of your emotional reactions.

Emotion clouds and distorts the truth and suppresses your clarity and discernment abilities.

Stored emotion also contains fear, negative thoughts, painful memories, and negative behavior patterns.

When this stored emotion is triggered, your mental space is flooded with all that is contained in the stored pain. Peace is lost. Clarity is lost. Discernment is lost.

You are now in a vulnerable state, too confused to see and feel the truth. You will believe anything if it brings you comfort. Even lies.

Your abuser or provoker now also becomes your comforter and a painful cycle begins.

Break free by starting your journey to indifference. Accept the pain as it surfaces. Don't resist it or run from it. Sit with it. Embrace it. Then begin to dissolve it.

Indifference is a result of a cleared and healed emotional tank. If there is nothing to provoke, there is nothing that can be used to confuse or weaken you.

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