Creations are for pleasure not pressure.

Creations are for pleasure not pressure.

As an empath, you have creative abilities. Play with them! Enjoy them! Have fun with what is coming through you into the world.

Many times we lose sight of play and instead focus on producing to meet an end goal.
This focus results in words of pressure and “not enough” and “more, more more” from our internal dialogue.

Remember the fundamental law of healthy relationship #1 is positive supportive internal and external dialogue.

If your focus is production to meet some future end goal that promises a better now, the pressure to hurry up and meet this goal squeezes every ounce of enjoyment out of your gift of creativity. The mind will begin to push with words of more more more, put more out there. Do more. Create more.

The gift of creation requires balancing it with the gift of appreciation and inspiration.

If you are so busy creating, there is no time to sit quietly and receive inspiration. For all the time you spend creating, you must spend equal time doing a none creative task and receiving inspiration. Otherwise your creations are mentally inspired instead of spiritually inspired. Which creation do you think will be the most enjoyable and influential to others?Those born or pressure or those born of play.

Allow the creation that is arising now to improve this moment. Take time to feel the joy of bringing it out of you and into the world. Asking yourself, “what do I want to play with next?”, ensures you always follow spirits lead, or inspiration.

The next time you finish a creation, instead of immediately jumping to start the next, pause. Breathe. Take it in. Slow down. Stand back and admire it. Appreciate it. Then begin your new creative cycle with receiving inspiration. Inspiration. Creation. Appreciation. Repeat.

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