Are You in the Emotional Dog House?

When your emotionally wounded partner’s insecurities are triggered and they start to punish you with silence, or disrespectful, rude, cold, hateful, angry, shaming behavior, instead of using healthy communication skills and telling you they are upset, I want you to visualize them walking you to the emotional dog house they built just for you.

Now ask yourself, “Why do I quietly and silently keep walking in there and waiting on them to come to their senses and let me out with their apologies?” Why?

Next time, while you are sitting "shutout" in the dog house or the naughty corner because their mind attacked, misunderstood, misinterpreted, jumped to conclusions, overreacted, told lies about you, assumed the worst about you, or whatever else it does when an old wound is triggered, begin thinking about creating a positive change for yourself.

Create your arsenal of healthy dialogue and communication tactics to protect yourself mentally and emotionally.

Begin understanding that you do not deserve this treatment. Even if you had made a mistake and did something that unintentionally hurt them, you still deserve a safe place to explain yourself and apologize, and receive true understanding and forgiveness.

You are a human being. We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. We all deserve kindness and understanding even in the face of mistakes. That’s what you provide for them isn’t it?

We all deserve a safe place to grow stronger in our truth, our openness, our integrity, our respect of self and others.

We are going to begin creating our Healthy Response Arsenal. Empaths need the words to say to begin cutting themselves loose from the toxic behaviors of others.

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