Accept when others don't want what you want. It's not personal.

Empaths, with all of our "over" tendencies, it's important not to "overthink" or assign meaning when someone doesn't want what we want out of a relationship or agree with our thoughts and beliefs.

It's not personal. Our big oooey gooey hearts have a habit of jumping to the conclusion that we must not be loved or wanted if the other person doesn't want the same thing or see things as we see them.

This is not true.

No one has to think or feel or believe what we think, feel, or believe for us to be ok.

Learn to stand strong and alone in your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It may be time you learn to do so without going into self doubt or TRYING TO CONTROL the other person out of fear.

Yes, empaths, our fear, or any fear for that matter, results in controlling and sometimes manipulative behavior.

Of course as empaths it always feels safer when others agree with us or want what we want but we must respect others and give them the space to follow their own guidance system as we do.

Accept the following.
"Just because they don't want what I want or think, feel, or believe as I do, doesn't mean I'm wrong, unloved, unwanted, unseen, unheard, or unsafe. It means we are on slightly different paths. I will respect and honor their path by not trying to make it match mine."

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