Patience, kindness, and respect is not a big ask.

Being patient and kind and or speaking to others the way we wish to be spoken to is a basic fundamental of a healthy relationship.

Being pushy, rude, critical, demanding, hateful or using a hateful tone of voice is not ok.

Even if you or they made a mistake, it is not ok.

If a mistake was made, and you or the other person is overtaken with an emotional reaction, asking for space away from the person for a short amount of time until the emotion dies down is a healthy behavior.

Once that emotional reaction dies down, a healthy conversation and look into where the relationship needs rebalancing is in order.

Each person also needs to self reflect into their part in the imbalance and work to change that behavior.

That is how things are handled in a healthy relationship with two people who are holding positive supportive thoughts about the relationship and each other, meeting in the middle and sharing power, and being open, honest, and respectful to themselves and each other.

If you are speaking to others or allowing others to speak to you in an impatient, unkind, and disrespectful way, this is verbal abuse and unhealthy.

Being nice to each other is not a big thing to ask for. If it is, start working to restore yourself to balance.

If you find yourself snapping or being unkind to others, start treating yourself with patience, kindness, and respect by changing your internal dialogue to one that is positive and supportive only.

Once you do that, if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who treats you and talks to you in a way that you don't allow your own mind to talk to you, then you will have the confidence and courage to stand up for yourself and create distance from that verbal abuse.

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