You are not an emotional dumping ground.

Oh Empaths. We do this so well. We take on another’s pain out of fear, guilt, shame, or pity.

We stand there while another person unloads their pain feeling responsible for their emotional upset in some way.

While something we said or did may have triggered this emotional outburst, we are not responsible for the pain they have stored away in their own emotional tank.

I feel that being dumped on emotionally as a child and assuming we are the reason for this persons upset, is what forms us into the empaths that we are.

We learn to watch out for signs of an emotional explosion and do everything in our power to avoid or prevent this from happening.

We tip toe and walk on eggshells around the emotionally unhealthy person. We constantly observe their body language for the slightest evidence of upset or disapproval. We live in fear. It’s exhausting. We are suffering trauma.

After living with an emotional unhealthy or unstable person long enough, this fear begins to store inside of us, junking up our own emotional tanks, making us emotionally unhealthy.

By the time we grow into adults, the slightest look of disapproval or upset from another person can send waves of panic through our bodies. We take all emotional reactions personally from those around us. We assume it must be our fault. I must have done something. I did something wrong.

We begin taking all the responsibility for another person's upset or problems.

This makes us the perfect partner for someone who is in extreme denial or resistance of it ever being their issue. We know them as narcissists. They are more than happy to dump all their emotional garbage onto you all while appearing like they have it all together.

Start now healing from this past trauma while dissolving your stored emotional pain. This will put you on the road to emotional health.

The stronger you become, the more capable you will be to recognize an emotionally unhealthy person, protect yourself from them, and deny them access to your inner circle.

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