Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

We love people. We don't like to see others stressed, worried, and suffering. We want others to have what they need and to be happy.

Empath your gift of caring is beautiful. However it is a gift that must come with compassion in one hand and a sword in the other.

In other words, your logic and strong voice must take the lead on this one. Approach those in suffering with caution.

If you enter this situation allowing your heart on your sleeve, boundaries will be crossed, and you will adopt the suffering and be hurt in the process.

If we let our heart take over and don't take a step back so we can see the full picture or truth of the situation, we become tangled with this person and now their problem becomes our problem.

Now we've crossed the line from helping to enabling. We are in spirits way again and this person is learning the wrong lessons from this challenging situation.

Your caring heart is also being used, drained, hurt, and stressed in the process.

If you are already tangled up with someone and their spiritual challenge, it's time to tell the heart to get in the back seat and out of the way.

Put your emotions and sensitivities aside and use your sword or logic and your words of truth to cut yourself free.

Remind yourself of the truth of the situation.

This is their spiritual or life challenge, not yours.

Feeling sorry for them is ok. Fixing their problem for them is not.

They are the only one with spirits help, who can create a permanent solution to their problem.

Their temporary suffering is part of their motivator towards finding their permanent solution. If you keep taking away their suffering, you also take away their motivator. Now you have become their permanent solution.

Do you want to be their permanent solution? If not, get your heart in check and cut yourself free.

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