Protecting self is respecting self.

Empaths always carry a big cup of love in their hearts for others, but we must also carry the sword of truth in our minds & voice. The truth of our value and worth.

Many times, especially females, are taught to be nice, be pleasing, be accomodating, be quiet, don't get in the way, give others whatever they want and need, keep others happy, and whatever you do, don't upset anyone.

We are handed those tip toe shoes at an early age and told "put these on so someone might love you and take care of you one day".

Instead we should have been suited up with the truth of ourselves, the value we hold as loving human beings, and taught to go out into a hurting world discerningly giving compassion while respecting, valuing, and protecting ourselves.

We matter also. Our feelings matter. Our thoughts and opinions matter. We have needs too. We are equals, not less than.

We have more to give than just compassion and accomodation. We don't need anyone to "take pity" on us and love us! We are not beggars of love!

Our kindness is our strength not our weakness.

We are warriors of love. We own the cup. We hold the love the world seeks. We must protect the cup from ever being abused, misused, mistreated, disrespected.

When you begin to hold this truth within you, the power of self respect begins to grow. When we respect something, we protect it at all cost.

You will grow in the power to speak up on your own behalf when others cross the line and disrespect the very thing you respect about yourself.

If no one ever gave you permission to stand up, say something, and protect yourself from another persons foolishness, I'm giving it to you now.

Speaking up and setting things straight does not make you a bad person. It makes you a knowledgeable, respectful, healthy and balanced person. Know your value. Respect it. Protect it.

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